Congratulations to our Fall 2023 winners who received the OER Incentive Grant or the No-Cost/Low-Cost (NC/LC) Supplementary Materials Incentive Grant.

From Applied Community Studies

  • Tricia Rachfall, Therapeutic Recreation
  • Elisabeth Hagerty, Social Work

From Commerce & Business Administration

  • Barbara Fellnermayr, Accounting
  • Jack Lin, Accounting

From Language, Literature and Performing Arts

  • Yiwen Liu, English
  • Elaine Avila, Creative Writing
  • Nate Szymanski, English
  • Sam Schechter, Communications
  • Andrew Osborne, Communications

From Science & Technology

  • Sean Conner, Sports Science
  • Nathalie Vigouroux-Caillibot, Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Paul O’Connor, Chemistry
  • Rosemary Oh-McGinnis, Biology

Instructors adopting/adapting OER textbooks will receive up to $500 (or $1,500 for teams) for their professional development expenses. Instructors who have replaced a commercial textbook with no-cost or low-cost supplementary materials will receive $250 for their professional development expenses. Congratulations again to all the winners!

A call is now out for applications from faculty who used OER or No-Cost/Low-Cost for the first time in the Winter 2024 semester. The deadline to apply is May 24th, 2024.

For more details, please see The Incentive Grants Information