Dr. Jennifer Barker, Biology instructor at Douglas College, is excited. She’s got a BIG announcement to make about the use of open textbooks in the BC college market. Are you ready?

According to Barker, in the Fall 2019 semester Douglas College (the largest college in the Lower Mainland) will be using an open textbook in four Biology courses (BIOL 1103, 1109, 1203, and 1209). This endeavour was accomplished by hardworking members of the Biology faculty who adapted the OpenStax Anatomy & Physiology textbook, heavily editing the original book to better reflect the content taught at the College. Given the number of students enrolled in these courses (around 1,500 per year) multiplied by the cost of a typical commercial anatomy and physiology textbook, the estimated annual savings for students total well over $100,000!

Barker and her colleagues wish to thank both Douglas College and BCcampus for funding provided to amend and update many of the diagrams, making them clearer and easier for instructors to use and modify in their own work.